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My beautiful friend Sandra has always loved Kim Kardashian. Kim is one of the most beautiful people on the planet and her makeup is always flawless so when Sandra asked me to do a makeup look featuring kimmy K, I was game.

Follow my recipe for the ultimate Kim Kardashian makeup look

Here is the look that won the votes; a classic Kim K look - the smokey eye and nude lip

Here is my version:

Here are the "ingredients" you will need to complete this look:

2 concealers (one about 2-3 shades lighter and one 2-3 shades darker then your natural skin tone) I used Graftobian pallettes

Foundation - I used MUFE HD foundation

Translucent powder - I used MUFE HD powder

Eyeshadow primer - I used Urban Decay Primer potion

5 eyeshadows - MAC: Shroom, Ricepaper, Carbon, Cork, Saddle

Black eyeliner - I used Stila Smudge Stick waterproof eyeliner in "Stingray"

Eyebrow pencil - you can use a powder instead if that's what you prefer. I used Maybelline "Define a Brow"

Black Mascara - I used Lancome Hypnose Star

Lipliner - MAC subculture

Lipstick - MAC Angel

Lipgloss - NARS Turkish Delight

Blush - MAC Melba and Fleur Power

Bronzer - Benefit Hoola

False eyelashes and Duo glue - I used Ardell 120's and trimed them a bit

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Brushes: MAC 195 (concealer), 266 (eyeliner), 230 (eyeshadow), 219 (pencil), 129 (powder), Sigma F50 (duo fibre foundation), Sigma E25 (blending), Sigma small contour


Start with a clean, moisturized face

Have all your "ingredients" ready. Chef's call this a "mise en place" so have everything in its place ready to use

Okay Kim K wears a boatload of concealer to contour and highlight. If you want to try this at home go ahead just be aware that this is not the most natural type of look

So what you're gonna want to do is use a concealer brush (MAC 195) and use a concealer 2-3 shades lighter in the middle of your forehead, under your eyes, around your nose, above your cupids bow, around mouth, down the center of your nose and chin. The darker shading concealer will go on your temples, along your hairline on your forehead, in the hollows of your cheeks, along the sides of your nose (on both sides next to the highlight) and you can also go along your jawline (I did not do jawline shading).

After you apply your concealer you can apply your foundation with a Sigma F50 brush and apply translucent powder to set.

For the ultimate Kim K smokey eye:

Start with eyeshadow primer - I used Urban Decay primer potion over the lid, crease, browbone and along the lower lash line

Using a MAC 230 or any taut medium sized eyeshadow brush and sweep MAC ricepaper eyeshadow onto the lid and inner corner/tear duct.

Take a fluffy eyeshadow brush (sigma E25 blending) apply cork onto the outer lid and blend up into the crease

Apply MAC shroom to the browbone using MAC 230

Using a MAC 219 pencil brush apply MAC carbon to the outer v portion of the eye (create a v by drawing a line from the outer third of the upper lashline up to the crease using carbon and your pencil brush; blend and reapply until you get a nice dark application

Using a large crease brush apply MAC saddle into the crease to blend out the carbon

Apply black eyeliner to upper and lower waterline all the way around the eye

Smoke out the lower lash line using MAC 219 with carbon on the outer half of lower lashline and create a wing, then blend saddle along the entire lower lashline

Curl lashes and apply black mascara to upper and lower lashes

apply Duo glue to false eyelashes (allow about 20 seconds for glue to get tacky) and apply eyelashes to upper lashline. Apply mascara to falsies.

With small contour brush apply bronzer to areas where contouring (hollows of cheeks and along temples) and blend. Mix MAC melba and fleur power blushes and sweep along cheekbones (try not to get colour on the apples, Kimmy K leaves those highlighted)

There are 2 options for the lips:

you can cover your lips with concealer/foundation and simply line the lips with MAC subculture and follow with NARS turkish delight or you can line lips with subculture, apply MAC angel lipstick and follow with turkish delight.

Here is the final product: